School Governors

The main role of the school governing body is to support the Head Teacher and the staff through providing rigorous challenges to ensure the school is constantly improving. A role described as a “critical friend.”

The main duties are to:
  • Set strategic direction, policies and objectives.

  • Approve school budget.

  • Review progress of the objectives set.

There are termly full governing body meetings to discuss issues arising and curriculum meetings to monitor the pro-gress within school.

A number of smaller working groups are set up to look at particular areas.

These include Finance, Standards, Engaging Parents and the Community, Health and Safety.

Different types of governors:
  • Co-opted governors who are appointed by the Governing Body.

  • Local Authority Governors who are appointed by the Local Authority.

  • Parent Governors who are elected by the parents and carers. Like all Governors they serve a 4 year term of office and you are encouraged to think about standing for election when a vacancy arises.

  • Staff Governors who are elected by staff employed at the school.

Each governor also has a subject to which they pay special attention and meet with the teacher involved to discuss progress. Governors are also linked to areas of the school development plan.

School Governors 2019 – 2020

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